Everyone has a part to play...

We are a diverse group of people serving the town in which we live in a whole variety of ways. We believe that God has given us the resources to make a real impact in our community and offer support, friendship and the hope of jesus in a huge variety of ways.

Lots of St Andrew’s people volunteer for all kinds of groups and organisations in the are from the local hospice and hospital, to children’s groups and clubs, to school helpers and youth clubs the list is endless.

If you feel that you have time to spare and want to use it for the good of the community we can put you in touch with something that’s happening and you can get involved with making a difference too.

We have been really pleased to get involved with an organisation called Redeeming Our Communities which is about working in partnership with a whole range of agencies in our area to help create a safer and kinder community. We believe this will lead to some new initiatives for the good of the town and fill some of the gaps that have been left by the current economic climate.