Mission Support


At St Andrew’s we believe that God loves a cheerful giver! We want to bless other parts of the world church and some of the poorest people in our world through the money we give as our offering to God week by week. Our commitment is to give away 10% of our income and we currently distribute it between these organisations:

  • Bible Society - Working to alleviate Bible poverty and get the bible into the hands of those who have never heard or understood the message of the living God through his word.
  • Chichester Diocesan Family Support Work - FSW works with vulnerable families across Sussex providing confidential support to parents or carers and their children. Common issues are the inability to provide food/clothing, poor quality housing, unemployment, mental health problems, life limiting illness or disability and abuse in the home. FSW's goal is to help families cope with these problems to day to achieve a better tomorrow by rebuilding the foundations for a strong family structure.
  • Children’s Society - Working for the improvement of some of the most vulnerable children in society. Often supporting children on the margins and in every kind of need, The Children’s Society also carries out key research enabling children and young people to have a national voice. We hold a Christingle service every December and make a collection for the work of The Children’s Society as well as making a special point of praying for their work on that day.
  • Church Mission Society - Places people in mission all over the world. St Andrew’s has a long history of supporting CMS and has sent people out in mission from here.
  • TLA Charitable trust (Frontiers Media) - Frontiers states: "One-fifth of the world’s population is Muslim and the majority have never met a follower of Jesus. Our focus is on living amongst Muslims in places where no-one has previously made Christ’s love known. We are united in our commitment to live by Biblical truths, but seek to be gracious in embracing diversity." St Andrew’s has partnered this work for many years and receive regular updates on the developments in this work.
  • Tearfund - Every harvest time we gather to give thanks to God for all the good things we so often take for granted. We also gather to support and offer our money for the work of Tearfund. Often Tearfund is found in the most needy parts of the world, offering support and partnership to create a better life for those who are so desperately in need of practical expressions of God’s love. We feel this really keeps us aware of our gratitude to God and also prayerful for the needs of the wider world and our brothers and sisters in Christ.
  • Off the Fence - Off The Fence, is a registered charity committed to making a real difference in the lives of many that are ‘most at risk’ in our community. They are engaged in four main areas of work in Brighton & Hove:
    • Antifreeze – Life-saving support for the homeless
    • Gateway – Supporting Women, restoring dignity
    • Schools & Youth – Supporting schools in Brighton & Hove
    • Ministry – Showing God’s love in action

We pray for these organisations and individuals regularly at St Andrew’s and we are continually humbled by the work they do. We love it when our mission links and partners visit us and we advertise their visits in advance – do come and find out more of their inspiring stories.