It is our privilege to accompany those who are experiencing a difficult time of loss and we seek to offer as much support as we can at this time of need.

funeral_page_001.jpgNormally a funeral director will offer those who live in St Andrew’s parish, a service in the church or at one of the nearest crematoriums conducted by the clergy or a licensed reader from the St Andrew’s team. Sometimes a family wishes to hold a service in the church and at the crematorium as well. In each case we seek to meet the family’s requests as far as possible.

The funeral director will liase with the church and a meeting is arranged by the minister with the family to discuss all the details and offer comfort and help.

Families are also remembered in prayer at our services and in our daily prayers at the church.

You may find it helpful to think about the following:

  • Any special requests about the funeral made by your loved one
  • Any particular hymns/songs they liked or that you feel appropriate
  • Any poems/ readings/ tributes or prayers to be spoken in the service
  • Whether any children will be present at the service and if they need any special guidance and support before and during the day.
  • It is possible to have recorded music should you wish to provide a special song or piece for the church or crematorium.

There is no need to have any answers to the above as we are there to guide you through the service offering as much help as you need.

In November we usually invite families t our annual memorial service to remember and give thanks for lives of those we have loved and lost. This is a very sensitively led service in which there is an opportunity to light a candle of remembrance. Afterwards a light tea is served and there is time to talk if it is helpful.