Vision & Values

What are we here for?

"St Andrew's exists to know Jesus Christ and to make him known; sharing his hope in our area..."


  1. A Praying community – listening to God constantly for his guidance and direction
  2. Worship as a whole life priority – restoring God’s right perspective in our lives
  3. A people of all ages – where youth and maturity are of equal value
  4. All have a part to play and gifts to contribute to build the church
  5. The church is expectant for growth; always developing and never standing still
  6. A welcoming community with many points of access for newcomers
  7. A people with a passion for Justice – having Christ’s compassion for all people.
  8. A people seeking after excellence in everything we do.
  9. A servant hearted people following the example of Jesus preferring each other’s needs
  10. Resources belong to God first and we commit to using them as he directs for his glory.