It is a great joy for the church community when a family wish to seek Baptism (or Christening) for their child. Baptism is an introduction to God’s family - the church and an act of welcome into the Christian faith.

If you are not already a regular worshipper at St Andrew’s we recommend that you come along to Sunday morning worship a few times to familiarise yourself with the church family and to begin to understand what the Christian faith is all about. Following on from that we suggest that you speak to the clergy or one of the welcomers to let them know that you are interested in pursuing baptism, we will then offer either a visit or sometimes a preparation session at the church and also plan dates with you. 

Some issues that are often raised:

  • There is no set age by which a child or adult should be baptised.
  • You can choose as many or few godparents as you wish. Do bear in mind that their main role is to pray for and support your child and encourage them in the Christian faith. For that reason they should have been baptised themselves and at least one confirmed. If you yourself have not been baptised you may wish to discuss this with the clergy.
  • There are sometimes more than one family taking part in the same baptism service.
  • There is no charge for a service of baptism. Siblings are very much encouraged to play a role within the baptism service as appropriate.

If you have further questions in the meantime do contact the Parish Office (01444) 232337.